Re-Vision Journey: Mapping your Life

Re-Vision Journey is a path to craft your new life map, the one that honors the fullness of who you are, and that evokes your passion and your gifts for the world. Full of metaphor and imagery, a Re-Vision Journey is a process of revisiting your past, and re-envisioning your future in the most important aspects of your life. It is a poetic and pragmatic guide to reinvent yourself.
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A new symbolic language to continually re-design your life

A journey to reconnect to your essence and creative power

A methodology that is poetic and pragmatic to formulate and activate your purpose

A community with common language to inspire each other

A new map for our life that includes past, present, and future


Life Re-Vision

"A Guide To Find Your Path When You've Lost Your Way. A Journey to Rediscover your Essence, Reinvent Yourself, and Renew your Future Vision" by Anamaria Aristizabal published in Colombia, and in the process of being translated to English.
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Leader of the course

Anamaria Aristizabal

As the author of “Life Re-Vision” and creator of the Re-Vision Journey methodology, I am blessed to do work I am wildly passionate about. I have been facilitating Re-Vision Journeys for 5 years, for over 200 people in 7 cities and 4 countries. My mission is for all change agents having all the support they need, and providing a fertile space for them to activate their purpose again and again. I see myself as a catalyst of personal transformation, social innovation and creative expression to co-create a world that is environmentally regenerative, socially just and spiritually fulfilling. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

The Re-Vision Journey Mentors


Stella Strazdas

Leadership coach, Executive Advisor, former VP, Johnson & Johnson.

Cathie Bukowski

Consultant, Speaker, Artist, Mother

Carol Lalezarian

Leadership coach, Mother, Baker

Angelica Virguez

Leadership and international education coach, economist and artist

Catalina Mahecha

End of life consultant, manager at a university, ritual designer

What our students say

“The Life Re-Vision process offers me a thoughtful and structured way to review my life lessons, remember my essential qualities, and take note of the important influences in my life. It also offers a framework for putting all these important pieces of the life puzzle together and connecting them so I can regain clarity on professional areas I want to have an impact in, hobbies I need to engage with to feel alive and nourished, or interests I want to be immersed in for personal growth. The outcome helps create a vision for how we can bring our whole self, rather than fragments, to the work that inspires us to contribute to a better world.”
Cathie Bukowski
"Life Re-Vision is a powerful experience for fun, deep and insightful personal growth, while equipping participants with practical tools to envision a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and connected with purpose, and that contributes to create a better world.
I loved the experience. I felt that the space was conducive to breakthroughs and real time transformation. The space felt safe, and inviting. I felt re-energized and full of ideas. It really ignited my own creativity. "

Luzette Jaimes
“This workshop really helped me to focus on and clarify my next steps in life. I have been in between jobs and phases of life, and have had a hard time committing to the next path. This workshop has left me with a vision for the next journey life has in store for me. The unique curriculum helped me draw from the inspiration of my past pursuits, realize places where I was being too self-critical, and get re-energized to work towards my mission of social change. I leave enthusiastic to embrace the next chapter of my life!”
Lorien MacAuley
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