Re-Vision Journey Dream

Once upon a time, there was a world that had lost its true north. People would move at a frenetic pace, many of whom were consumed by senseless preoccupations, with no empathy for themselves, the suffering of others or of nature.
Every day, we were driven by our busyness, distractions, and automatic behaviors, that led to a lack of balance and complete exhaustion. We convinced ourselves that we were “fine”, attached to our accumulation of achievements and objects that masked a void inside. This disconnection generated symptoms of individual and collective disease. The cumulative effect of these attitudes brought about three big crises: environmental, social and spiritual, that provoked poverty and violence internally and externally. The challenges were so large that we felt demoralized and overwhelmed to take any action.
One day, we decided to listen deeply: we could no longer ignore the signals. Certain challenges shook us in our lives at individual and collective levels, offering an opportunity to look at ourselves in the mirror as individuals and as a human species. A critical mass of citizens interrupted the collective slumber and started looking within.
Through confronting our pain, we activated compassion for ourselves and others. We practiced forgiveness and reconciled with ourselves and others, so our hearts opened. With greater hope, a large number of individuals, through embarking on a Re-Vision Journey, each in their own way, reinforced a movement of living purposeful lives, willing to be in service to a greater cause. One by one, each individual declared “I am a change agent”, a simple and powerful declaration, taking responsibility for their part in resolving the planetary crisis.
Because of that, a collective awakening happened. An attitude of “blessed unrest” (as Paul Hawken calls it) spread everywhere, which enabled us to be alert and empowered. Although we were well aware of the magnitude of the crisis, we knew that in the current historic moment, more than ever, we had all the tools to resolve it.

We were able to keep this attitude without burnout, through practicing meditation, visualization, self-care, healthy eating, conscious movement and having regular contact with nature. We started living integral lives, deepening our mindfulness, opening to learning and growth, letting go of obsolete ways of thinking and behaving, stepping out of our comfort zone and being authentic and coherent with our values. We learned new ways to communicate, with more vulnerability and an open heart, listening deeply, which cultivated strong and nourishing relationships.
Because of that, we saw it was possible to heal the damage caused by our blindness, promoting a restoration of our relationships, communities and ecosystems. We adopted new practices based on an ethic of care. Relationships of trust, generosity and co-creation flourished everywhere. This led to the creation of countless communities of support and common purpose where true cohesion is felt.

Education became a priority, an education based on values and relationship, with an emphasis on identifying and cultivating each person’s talents and developing the mindfulness necessary to transcend fear and live from love.
The opportunities for education and personal development were multiplied, to elevate consciousness at all stages of life, and to disseminate the knowledge and tools to live this global transition. New rituals were performed everywhere to reconnect internally, with others and with nature. This helped us recuperate a sense of the sacred and develop a more spiritual view of life, that allows a true union with others and the whole.
A whole generation is defined and behaves like change agents, forming a true culture of altruism and empowerment in service of a regenerative, just and fulfilled world. A flourishing system of support in coordination between organizations and movements responds to the needs of change agents at all stages of their evolution: from their inspiration to contribute, having multiple transformative experiences, incubating new initiatives, having these initiatives grown and scale, all the way to generating systems change. Each change agent responds wisely to their inner call and to the needs of our time. There is a constant re-vision of social and economic structures that are oppressive or obsolete, in favor of new models that are appropriate, adapted to the local circumstances, and responding to needs effectively. In this process, everyone was led by a greater purpose and a calling from the soul, propelled by genuine passion and a joy of serving others, filling the hearts and minds of people and spreading fulfillment all around.
Until finally, the great transition or great turning signaled a new beginning: a time of integral awakening for collective flourishing, a new era for humanity, with a central commitment for the care of our souls, our communities and our planet.

Reflective questions

  • What role did you play in this transition?

  • What talents and virtues of yours were essential in playing your role?
  • What contributions that you made in this transition gave you most fulfillment?
  • What relationships and communities of yours were a key part of the journey?
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