Tribes that witness our rites of passage

Anamaria Aristizabal
In our Re-Vision Chats series, Hector invites us to bring back the wisdom of rites of passage to our lives, which mark who we are becoming. Rites of passage were essential ceremonies of ancestral cultures that initiated us into becoming full humans. He underlines the importance of community at these stages of transition where others can help us see and integrate the changes that we are going through. At each critical juncture, our gifts and talents come out and if seen and blessed by others, we can expand our capacity to contribute to a world that severely needs it. 

Rites of passage happen in community. These communities or tribes that witness our rites of passage are filled with mentors. Mentors are people who can see our gifts and bless them. Not everyone is able to see us. Hector claims that our parents seldom accurately point out our genius. We need to be exposed to people of a similar daimon, or inner genius, who can help us be aware and care for our unique gifts, and provide the skills to bring them out into the world.

Hector points to the difference between education and instruction. Education comes from educare “to lead out”, versus instruction, “to input in”. We need comprehensive, life-long education systems that enable people to bring out, or lead out, their gifts and talents, instead of becoming consumers in a planet that is already consumed.  We need “islands of sanity” as Meg Wheatley calls them, where we can overcome our fear and paralysis and experiment with bringing out our life-force in non threatening ways, that can later lead to transforming systems. The Re-Vision Ecosystem aspires to be such a tribe.

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  • What have been rites of passage you have experienced?
  • Who have you become as a result?What are the tribes that really witness who you are? List those people even if they are not a tribe yet.
  • If you don’t have this community or these people in your life, what is your vision of such a tribe?

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