In the Re-Vision Chats series, Anamaria engages extraordinary tribe members of Re-Vision Academy in succulent conversation. We share our discoveries and tools regarding our transitions, our vitality, our imagination, our cycles, our burnout, our roles, our changemaking efforts, our rites of passage, and our deaths.

We explore through conversation what are the invitations of life at this time

We share tools and exercises that guide your inquiry

We share our humanity with vulnerability and succulence

We find new language to navigate uncertainty


We touch upon head, heart, and body to ignite your energy and inspiration

Inclusion of our
inner diversity:

We believe in multi-faceted, multi-dimensional lives that integrate our multiple dimensions as threads in a beautiful tapestry


We contemplate light and shadow, spirit and wild instinct, seriousness and play to expand our contact with what’s here

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Our guests

What guidance do we need at this time of transition?

Invitation to our
Re-Vision Journey

Angelica Virguez

Leadership and international education coach, economist and artist

Finding oneself in transitions

Stella Strazdas

Leadership coach, Executive Advisor, former VP, Johnson & Johnson.

The imagination as a gateway to possibility

Meg Buzzi

Coach, Facilitator, Artist

Reclaiming our vitality and lifeforce

Carol Lalezarian

Leadership coach, Mother, Baker

Tending ourselves, tending the earth

Cathie Bukowski

Consultant, Speaker, Artist, Mother

Embodiment, passion, and systems change

Xiomara Nino

Music Teacher, Artist

The tribe as witness of our rites of passage

Hector Aristizabal

Psychologist, Theater director, peacemaker

Death as

Catalina Mahecha

End of life consultant, ritual designer, manager at a university

Community support to make important life changes

Regina Blakely

Learning consultant, performance poet, change agent

Designing and stepping into new roles as we transition

Alessandra da Costa

Diversity Consultant, Mentor, and Mother

Re-Vision Chats series

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Anamaria Aristizabal

Anamaria, autor of "Life Re-Vision", is a visionary catalyst of personal development, social innovation, and creative expression through Integral Coaching®, design and facilitation of transformative experiences and through pieces that inspire and empower, in service of a sustainable, just, and fulfilled world.
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