The imagination as a gateway to possibility

Anamaria Aristizabal
In our Re-Vision Chats series, Meg invites us to tap into our imagination at times of change to build new worlds. She shares a memory of her childhood when she deeply connected to playful exploration of a place that was full of magic. She invites us to rekindle that feeling of wonder and possibility as we re-vision the new stages of our lives. It involves going through a birth canal out of our constant need for security and consistency into a new world of novelty.

Meg invites us to tap into our imagination and play, letting go of structure and a specific goal. Playmates are essential: a community that echoes your inquiries and can provide the support and safety when the structure isn’t there. With our playmates, we can surrender into a flow state where complete novelty can emerge and we renew our appetite for life. Laughter and silliness can take us there very quickly!

Meg invites us to tap into our imagination and discover our own flavor of magic. This can happen through calling on our child self, and invoking our “seeds of magic” and asking a number of questions. What were our dreams? What were our most en-livening moments and explorations? There are treasures back then to unearth under layers of expectations of what our lives are supposed to be like.

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  • Dig into your past. What are your seeds of magic?
  • Explore guided visualization as a tool to open your imagination.
  • What symbols, archetypes or visuals guide you into what comes next?

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