Tending ourselves, tending the earth

Anamaria Aristizabal

In our Re-Vision Chats series, Cathie highlights the importance of tending ourselves and tending the earth. She candidly shares about her experience of burnout, what were the sources of her burnout and what it took for her to get support and find the regenerative activities that really fed her. She shares her journey of recovery, which led to discovering art processing as a key avenue for her healing. 

Cathie invites us to continually honor our cycles. At different stages of life, we value different things. We can pick up on signals when our energy is leaking, and becoming depleted that a cycle is ending. Sometimes the message is for us to put things down and address what is really needed. The natural world beautifully reflects the processes of rest and renewal. 

To tend to our wild side, we need to get in touch with the wild outside in nature. This way, we touch into what is grounding, real and life giving. “Plant a tree, plant a seed - something you can accomplish on the same day. That goes a long way in our rejuvenation”.

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Draw a snake shedding its skin. On the new skin, draw symbols and signs of what you want to bring into your life. On the skin that’s shedding, draw symbols and signs of what you want to let go of. Add color that speaks to you. As you do this, take time to rest and process.

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