Reclaiming our vitality and lifeforce

Anamaria Aristizabal

In our Re-Vision Chats series, Carol invites us to reconnect with the wild side of us, and from there, living a life that is full of energy. Most people live overwhelmed, immersed in busyness, or bored, unchallenged, and unmotivated. With tremendous vulnerability and courage, she shares a story of when her wild side went under, because of guilt and shame. She is reclaiming this part of her, after many years, embracing it in a wholesome way. From here she feels more fully alive and enjoying life: “we don’t need zombies; we need people who are fully alive”. 

Carol shows us her drawing of her daimon: an animal representation of her instinctual nature. As she could see it and connect with it, she can start to love it and care for it. For each of us the self-care is different, to cater to its unique hunger. Carol has found that in baking, she can connect to the present moment, do meditation in action, and make her wild side happy. Also, bathing in the ocean is deeply refreshing and renewing for Carol’s daimon. By engaging in these activities, she is able to embrace her full self. 

Carol invites us to activate our life force and vitality by unleashing our wildside in a creative and authentic way. This involves balancing our wild and instinctual side with our wise self, who can channel and direct our energy in the most purposeful and life giving way. We spoke about the alchemy between these two parts of us, as well as the alchemy between intention and life force to manifest what we aim to do.

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  • Visualize your daimon - your spirit animal or combination of animals
  • List its traits: its strengths and the way it loses control
  • What activities could you explore to bring out your wild side?

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