Designing and stepping into new roles as we transition

Anamaria Aristizabal
We often fear change because we don’t realize we can re-design our future. Giving ourselves the time and space to reflect and re-vision our lives, we create a blueprint for what comes next, and this blueprint finds a way to come to life. A essential aspect of this blueprint is that it honors the fullness of who we are. We could create an action plan that is practical and reasonable, but doesn’t give us joy or meaning. Learning how to listen to what really is calling us and designing from that place is the game changer.

Ale courageously took on a massive life change involving a career transition, moving countries and completely reinventing herself. Through her Re-Vision Journey, she the space to reflect deeply about what she truly wanted next. She found the main arenas she wanted to play in the new stage of her life, and within them, specific roles she could occupy. A few months later, she is amazed that she has stepped into those roles. As the architect of her own life, she is joyful to witness how her design went "from paper to reality”.

She knows this transition is a work in progress and she is still in an exploration. She is carefully assessing every opportunity and making sound decisions. However, what guides her is clear, which is an honesty to be true to herself and what really lights her up, and a deep desire to contribute to society. Ale is full of questions as she moves forward, offering us inspiration and being a true role model of courage, as she steps into her new roles and finds balance amongst them.  

  • What is one aspect of your life you would like to re-design?
  • What causes are you interested or passionate about NOW, which could inform the next chapter of your life?
  • What new roles attract you to step into?

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