Tap into the collective wisdom of a global council of Purpose Sages to wholeheartedly commit to your path of deep purpose discovery

Anamaria engages purpose practitioners and sages to co-sense the field of purpose together. We live at a time where the need to be guided by a deeper purpose is essential. But what is “Purpose Work” exactly? What are its different components and tools? What is the cutting edge of purpose work? This is what we will investigate in this series, with a diverse set of people who have a wealth of experience in this unique and sacred work. Listening will provide an opportunity to reflect on key themes to make your purpose discovery journey more robust. 


Mapping out the purpose field by meeting its practitioners and sages

Learning about diverse approaches and key pillars of purpose work

Witness succulent conversations with purpose practitioners, full of vulnerability and soul

Attune to what's alive in your own purpose journey through reflection questions

Taken from Global Purpose Leaders foundational document "What is Purpose", the components of purpose work are:


a pathway or a series of exercises designed to reveal the contours of one’s unique purpose. Numerous models have been offered to explain and discover the various aspects of purpose (see a few in the ‘Background’ section above). GPL welcomes practitioners who follow established models, as well as those who create new pathways for discovering purpose.

Ego transformation

a pathway or series of exercises to reveal the nature of one’s limiting beliefs / ego / personality structure AND methods and tools for creating a partnership between one’s ego and one’s purpose. We recognize that our egos form in reaction to the circumstances of our upbringing, and as such, we take into consideration that people have unique purpose journeys that move through trauma and into systemic injustices. Many purpose paths result in people being called to transform these systemic injustices.

Integration, embodiment and activation

a pathway or series of exercises that to empower a person to create a cohesive expression of their purpose in every area of their life, and develop an offering that is an impactful and fulfilling contribution to others. Numerous models have been offered to empower people to bring their life, career and contribution into alignment with their purpose.
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Luis Marrero
The main components of purpose

Dena Wiggins
Following our spark

Andy Swindler
The path to embody our purpose

Robin Athey
From fragmentation to coherence

Catalina Mahecha
Death as catalyst for purpose 

Bea Boccalandro
Job re-purposing

Antonio Linares
Building shared meaning

Sarah James Wright
Sensing the purpose in the system

Ignacio Pavez
Activating purpose in organizations

Maite Moreno
Purpose and the poetic career

Laura Calderón de la Barca
The healing journey to purpose

Frieda Nixdorf
Being available to meet the grief as it arises

Keri Evjy
Life design based on nature principles

Paul Levy
Evil and the path to purpose

Meredith Miller
Bridging trauma and purpose

Tor Eneroth
Purpose and the 7 levels of consciousness

Holly Woods
The evolutionary nature of purpose

Karoly Molnar
Purpose in Spiral Dynamics

James Flaherty
Purpose and the 10 ways of development

Beena Sharma
Human Maturity and Purpose

Manuel Manga
The language of purpose 

Susan Inouye
Gift centered leadership

Cynthia Luna
Leadership as pilgrimage

Andrei Hedstrom
Business with a big vision for humanity 

Aluba Fenix 
Leadership that bridges divides

Lisa Longworth 
Creative Spiritual Practice

Rebecca Wildbear
Earth & Soul-Rooted Purpose

Laszlo Karafiath
Purpose, ritual and altered states

Brandon Peele
The role of organizations in activating soul purpose

Gabriel Grant
Igniting our self-determination

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Anamaria Aristizabal

Anamaria, autor of "Life Re-Vision", is a visionary catalyst of personal development, social innovation, and creative expression through Integral Coaching®, design and facilitation of transformative experiences and through pieces that inspire and empower, in service of a sustainable, just, and fulfilled world.
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