Community support to make important life changes

Anamaria Aristizabal
One major reason why we don’t make important life changes is that we lack support. By support, we mean a specific relational context that allows us to feel appreciated, ask deeper questions, and be inspired by others. This context creates a kind of alchemy that leads to feeling courageous, take more risks, and share more honestly about what is really going on. Change agents are people who are in service to society’s evolution, and desire to take more risks for their cause. Not always do these change agents have the support, the relational care and connection that allows them to play their role in joy and ease. 

Regina Blakely is one of those change agents. She recently had an important transition to a new job and was hungry to bring change. She realized she was going about it forcefully, generating some resistance, thus making her exhausted. As she relaxed into the holding container of Re-Vision Journey and the warmth and care of her small group, Regina found a deeper voice to open new types of conversations at work. She re-connected to, and sourced inspiration from her other identities to refresh the way she was relating. A poet at heart, she reclaimed this part of her and boldly shared a poem with her colleagues that opened new perspectives, in a playful non-threatening way. She started to embrace her intuitive side more, and see how the poet can enrich the consultant in her, and bring fresh air to her change agent.

Regina found out that in certain environments, our various facets can come together, integrate, and find new life force. Regina had a dream to bridge the different parts of herself: the poet, the consultant, the change agent. The culture many of us grew up in forbade certain parts of us to come out. We learned that we needed to hide or give up part of who we are to fit in. Happily, we can undo this. As Meg Wheatly inspires us to do, we can foster islands of sanity that pursue life-enhancing values that bring out our best. Creating a new culture of giving voice to our various identities and make it safe for us to share ourselves more fully, our deepest desires and intentions come to life and start to be shared with the world in a gentle and fun way. 


- How can you foster community that resources you to make an important decision or life change?

- What bold action could you take to exercise your risk taking abilities and open a new conversation?

- What other identities do you have inside that you could pull from for a refreshed sense of self?

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