A succulent hello!

Anamaria Aristizabal

A succulent hello!

Regardless of how you feel on opening this, Hello.  Breathe for a minute and accept this greeting.  I greet you with all that you are and with all your history exactly as it is.  I greet you with happiness, knowing that there is a reason for this message to reach your hands.  Namaste.  I greet the light inside of you, greet all your knowledge.  I also greet the succulence, which is that indomitable part of your being, wild and unpredictable, that not only wants, but needs imagination and creativity.  This succulent side sometimes runs wild, creates problems, becomes “too creative”.  I also greet the entangled parts and aspects of your life that are least refined and not resolved.  All of these parts, all of you, everything is raw material for the grand project to which I invite you: your Life Re-Vision.  A Life Re-Vision is many things at once.  Today I describe it as a play on words that is: revision and vision – it is an appreciative revision of your past to refresh your vision of the future.  In this first edition of the Life Re-Vision series (which hopefully will be as attractive as your favorite series on Netflix) will tell you what this journey is about, this return home and why the design and re-design of a unique and disruptive offering is worth your whole attention: your own life.[1]

Return Home

The oldest story of humanity, according to many, is nothing other than the hero’s journey.  This narrative is present in all cultures and because of that, it is called the “mono-myth”.  As humans, we are captivated by exploring the four corners of the world, confronting monsters and overcoming our fears to obtain the holy grail.  Less emphasis is placed on returning home, in culminating the adventure and reflecting on it, in an instrospective way, to distill the lessons.  Paradoxically, not doing so, makes us repeat the same stories over and over again, because we have not metabolized the learning. [1]  Confronting the same monsters over and over again tires us out.  Some of us are completely burnt out. We haven’t updated our personal story, so we continue with the same old and repetitive software.  This leads us to disconnection, meaninglessness, and stagnation.  We feel we are going around in circles, like the dog that bites his tail.  How to interrupt these old stories? We need new ways to give meaning to our personal history, in order to discover where the story is going.  Redirecting the thread of our personal story  gives us energy, moves us forward, gives us clear direction and makes us unstoppable. It invigorates our way of being and makes our contribution to the world more powerful. Life Re-Vision is a way, a process, to be in a constant re-design of your life. It offers a language with new symbols to reflect, mixing reason and intuition, activating your creative force that leads you to re-imagine your story.  It is a mythology of the homecoming, in order to plan a new cycle of adventures.

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